New dispatching location in Hall 6

Demolition of the existing area in front of Hall 6 entryway from the courtyard, waste disposal, backfilling, installing rebars and concreting to construct new entryway 6 were carried out. Within Hall 6, the warehouse personnel (stackers) cabin was demolished, waste was disposed of and pits filled. Where the demolished cabin was located, new reinforced concrete foundations for transport vehicles were constructed. For the transport vehicles located between the Hall 6 and Dispatch Hall, the existing wall was supported and prestressed using truss beam. The area under the truss beam was demolished. The existing crane footbridge in Hall 6, which was supported by the stackers’ cabin, was supported by the new steel structure. New rolling doors were installed in Hall 6 from the courtyard. New 4-wing folding doors were installed at the entryway from Výstavní Street.